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Title: Walk with Me Again
Chapter: 8 - Ophelia
Series: Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters: Auron, Tidus, Jecht's wife
Rating: PG
Warning: None.

Winter never came so early in Zanarkand


Another one! (I'm on a roll)

Title: Walk with Me Again
Chapter: 7 - In Dreams
Series: Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters: Auron, Tidus, Jecht's wife, Lulu
Rating: PG-13
Warning: None.
Author's notes: The second part was a continuation of what I wrote five years ago for my Last Moments series. You don't need to read that to understand the second part, but if you're interested anyway, go here.

In dreams we feel, in dreams we fear


New Chapter up!

Title: Walk with Me Again
Chapter: 6 - Dawn and Night
Series: Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters: Lulu, Yuna, Auron, Tidus, Jecht's wife
Rating: G
Warning: major spoiler for Auron's identity
Author's notes: The timeline might be a bit confusing here, please keep in mind that the time when the events happened are two different timeline.

Guided by the moonlight


Done polishing up the old chapters

The next update will be brand new chapters. For now to catch up on the story...

Title: Walk with Me Again
Series: Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters: Lulu, Chappu, Auron, Jecht
Rating: M (violence)
Spoilers: Major spoiler for Auron's identity

Chapter 3 - Gift
Chapter 4 - Rejection
Chapter 5 - Beginning of an End


O HAI I'm spamming again

I've finished the first two chapters of my on-going series: Walk with Me Again (picked up again after 5 years!) I've rewrite some parts actually, but the story isn't too much difference.

Chapter three and four will be polished up as well, and then I will upload the latest chapter to continue the story.

Chapter 1 - First

Chapter 2 - Youth

I know I have a few sites where I upload my fics, I'd continue to update them but I think the one that will be my main will be my DW journal (http://saharasnow.dreamwidth.org)

/shameless self promoting



Title : Sanctuary
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Characters/pairings: Auron/Lulu
Warnings: spoiler for ending
Rating: PG
Word Count: 786

Of your silent reprieve



Fanvid - One Story Untold

This one is for real, a video fully featuring on Auron/Lulu. Made for my on-going fanfic (which will be polished, rewritten and updated soon): Walk with Me Again

Enjoy. :)



And another fanvid!

Sorry for spamming a lot these few days, but since I'm on a roll, might as well yea?



Aulu Fanvid - Thank You (Japanese)

I'm on a roll lately, been catching up on fics and fandoms and stuffs. Distraction from my work, but good distraction.

This one is a little clumsy as compared to the previous video, but still okay I guess.

I'm also on dreamwidth now, will be posting fan stuffs there: http://saharasnow.dreamwidth.org (should be using it as archive)


Aulu fanvid - Memorial

So... after 5-6 years, after much lack of motivation, corrupted files and PC crash, I finally picked up this little project and managed to finish it. It's my first fanvid ever. I've included other pairings as well.

Hope you enjoy it :)