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New Chapter up!

Title: Walk with Me Again
Chapter: 6 - Dawn and Night
Series: Final Fantasy X/X-2
Characters: Lulu, Yuna, Auron, Tidus, Jecht's wife
Rating: G
Warning: major spoiler for Auron's identity
Author's notes: The timeline might be a bit confusing here, please keep in mind that the time when the events happened are two different timeline.

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Never forget - Zanarkand Ruin sunrise

O HAI I'm spamming again

I've finished the first two chapters of my on-going series: Walk with Me Again (picked up again after 5 years!) I've rewrite some parts actually, but the story isn't too much difference.

Chapter three and four will be polished up as well, and then I will upload the latest chapter to continue the story.

Chapter 1 - First

Chapter 2 - Youth

I know I have a few sites where I upload my fics, I'd continue to update them but I think the one that will be my main will be my DW journal (

/shameless self promoting
Never forget - Zanarkand Ruin sunrise

Aulu fanvid - Memorial

So... after 5-6 years, after much lack of motivation, corrupted files and PC crash, I finally picked up this little project and managed to finish it. It's my first fanvid ever. I've included other pairings as well.

Hope you enjoy it :)