April 12th, 2016

me on wood

Backdated: Intro Post

Welcome to Aulu!

I would like to start by recommending Auronlu's Auron/Lulu Shrine. It's a great jumping off point for Aulu fans with many great fanworks to be had.

And yes, there already is another auronxlulu community, but it is owned by a deleted journal. Hopefully this one will manage to be a bit more active! To start things off, we encourage you to introduce yourself though this little survey:

1. Favorite Final Fantasy X character?
2. Favorite scene from the game?
3. Favorite aeon?
4. Favorite song/area theme?
5. Do you create any fanfic or other fanarts? If so, feel free share your link.

All is optional, of course and you can add anything you'd like.

Again, welcome!