Helluin (auronlu) wrote in aulu,

Auron and Lulu Snow Sculpture

Final Fantasy X Fanart?
Title: Auron & Lulu, Gagazet Edition
Characters: Auron and Lulu
Rating: Very G.
(Apparently some locals throw fits even when you add breasts to snow people, so we toned down Lulu's cup size)

Note: white outlines are due to my clumsy attempt to poke at the levels/curves in Photoshop to bring out more details/shadows in the white snow without turning the background to dark murk.


I did all of Auron; Mom did most of Lulu and then I added a few details (eye, lips, belts). Note the "chopsticks."

The snow was dry powder, so getting it to stack or stick was nearly impossible.

UPDATE 12/27: I tweaked Mom's Lulu the next day and gave poor Auron his jug of nog.

Tags: fanart

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