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Introduction and um, fanfic! :)

Hi!!! I'm cupcakemonster, or Keki as some people like to call me. Or even "hey you" sorta works too. muggy_mountain suggested I pop over here because I wrote an Au/Lu fic, and I didn't want to be just all "BLAH! READ MY FIC!" so I thought I'd do an introduction as well! :D Yay!

1. Favorite Final Fantasy X character?
2. Favorite scene from the game?
Ummmm... the Yuna-jumps-and-lands-on-Valefore deal
3. Favorite aeon?
Ifrit!!! He's so scary! (Although he is closely tied with Valefore's aeonboobs.)
4. Favorite song/area theme?
Um. The Hymn! I like it. I hum it under my breath when waiting at the copier machine at work.
5. Do you create any fanfic or other fanarts? If so, feel free share your link.
I write fanfic, mostly Rikku-centric. You can check it out at my lj if that's your thing.

I'm happy to be here as I'm sorta... easing into Au/Lu like a nicely warmed bath. It's not a pairing I've really written much of before, and certainly I don't find them easy to write at all. I hope to have fun discussing and writing with you guys!! :D


Title: Shining Light on Hidden Places
Fandom: FFX
Characters: Rikku, Auron/Lulu
Rating: Mature
Format: Drabble Series
Status: Complete, unpolished, unspellchecked
Summary: Rikku tries her hand at matchmaking.
Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership of characters or games, only themes within.
Author's Notes: For all my new friends who are Auron/Lulu fans. It's not perhaps what you expected, but it's a start, right? (I know I'm totally copping out here by writing this from the brat's perspective.) Thanks to mneme_forgets for correcting my errors.

Shining Light on Hidden Places

He's a broken down machina and she's a sultry dancing girl although I think if I asked her to dance she'd probably glare lots or something. I like to watch them, the back and forth, the small-tiny words between words that they think the rest of us don't notice.

Well, maybe no one else notices, but I do. I trail after them, fingers catching on the rough side of the long grass we walk through, and I know there's something between them, something tying them together. If you could see it, I'd think it would look like thick satin ribbons, shiny-smooth, binding her hands to his. They want to touch and can't and I know the feeling. They're magnets, all attracted on one side and repelled on the other and no matter how hard you try to shove them together, you can't, you just can't.

And I try to shove them lots, I swear I do, if there's one good thing to come out of Yunie dying and all, it's gonna be Auron and Lulu finally getting down and doing the dirty. Or maybe just talking about doing the dirty. Okay, I'd so just settle for a kiss between The Rock and The Breastacular One. Though the Pilgrimage drags on and my hopes for at least a little tongue action are starting to fade. Even though we're in the Calm Lands with lots of places to, y'know, play hide and go fuck, they don't seem to be doing much of that. Or doing that at all.

What they mostly do is sit and talk and muse and he rubs his jaw and she smoothes her skirt down, belt buckles jingling like a jester.

Not that I'd ever say she, uh, sounded like a jester, because she'd probably zap me into the next Calm with a crackling lightning bolt. No fair.

I like to eavesdrop anyway, and the Calm Lands are a good place because I'm kinda small and can hide easy. (Though my hover-license says 5'2", I'm only 5'1". Shhh, don't tell.) I creep through the grass and lay super low, smelling the earth all rich-brown below and feeling a little homesick for the scent of hot sand. I lay my head down on my hands and close my eyes and listen.

It's just the three of us, although they don't know I'm there, and the others have gone off to wash dishes in the stream. I don't do dishes. Ever. I'm too adorable to do them, Yunie says. So I have the time to spare to sneak up on the stoic duo and, y'know, listen in.

And it's not 'cause they've come to be more to me than just Lu and Auron, and it's not 'cause they've come to be sorta mother and father figures in my life at all. I just wanted to see if they were happy, right? Not 'cause it feels good to be close-but-not-within-smacking-distance.

Her voice is all rich chocolate and his is all burnt coffee and they make it beautiful to listen to, just laying there like a snake on a rock, feeling clever and a little too pleased with myself. The sun is warm down my back and even though everything is going to end really soon and we're all probably going to die, I don't really care much because I feel... safe. Listening to them plan, figure out who's going to stand watch the next night, deciding on which route to take (past some place with a real bath, please?), and even discussing philosophy (boringboring!), I feel safe.

They talk about strategy, and battle formations and I can hear him scratch out diagrams in the dirt with a knife, and she's all smart-sounding with big words that I don't really know the meaning of. I meant to keep listening and maybe they'd confess their love if I could stay awake long enough, but the sun got the best of me, that and the wind brushing along the tops of the grass and them just talking-talking all soothing like. I think... I think I fell asleep.


"Is she out?" there's humour in his voice, despite or maybe because of the scowl on the mage's face as she bends over the sleeping girl.

"Again." Lulu sighs and runs a hand down Rikku's cheek, brushing the hair out of the younger girl's face. She straightens and looks back at the older warrior, raising an eyebrow at the amused smile he's wearing. It's a little twisted at the edges, but it's still a smile. "Auron-"

"Let her sneak around. She only ends up asleep, and at least then we know where she is."

"And where she isn't." The words are slightly dangerous, and a little thrilling. Rikku is safe where she is, the others are not far, and the little thief is definitely not behind a rocky outcropping where it is easy to spread a red coat over the sun-warmed grass and forget for a little while.
Tags: fanfic, new member, one-shot

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