Whattya know, there's a new Aulu. (Fic Recommendation)

Here's a brief one-shot written by a first-timer into our obscure fandom.

Author: Artificial_Skies @, shatteredmoonshine @DA
Title: "Just This Once" 
Final Fantasy X, Auron/Lulu
Rating: T

Yet another "Lulu has an attack of wishful thinking" piece.

And for what it is worth, Love Her and Despair continues apace. You know where to find it by now.
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Ficwad Authors: Save Your Stuff and Post Here, Pleaaaase!

Alert. Years ago, many of us used Ficwad as our primary archive, because unlike, it let you post adult as well as teen-appropriate fic.

Problem. Ficwad's domain name registration is EXPIRING IN MARCH. It is unclear what will happen to the site at that time, but at the least, all links to stories there will be broken. Since the admin has been MIA for years, I expect Ficwad to vanish sooner or later.

So I am making a SUGGESTION, and a PLEA.

1. Download your Ficwad Stories.
2. Register at Archive of Our Own, which is what Ficwad should've been and wasn't.
3. Upload your stories on AO3.

4. If you have ANY Aulu stories that were formerly on Ficwad, now posted elsewhere, PLEASE list their new URLS below.

You can check the Auron/Lulu Shrine to see if I've got your stories listed. If my links point to Ficwad, I would love to link to an alternative site. (Remember, I've got fic divided into an "adult" and "general audience" pages.)

Thank you!

saharasnow , muggy_mountain , trekqueen , I think you may be the main folks affected by this, but I'm also very worried that our beloved cupcakemonster 's fic is about to vanish from the ether.

And feh, because this is partly my fault for recommending Ficwad in 2006. Mea culpa!

[ETA: AHA, Wayback Machine has Ficwad Final Fantasy Fanfic archived through May 2008. It would still be best to move these stories somewhere active, but at least that saves our reviews!]