Season Too Short

Angst Ficlet (X-Posted)

Written for ff_couples  community challenge in which we have to incorporate the first line, "I'd love to live in _____" plus a bunch of words from a list.

Despite the fact that Aulu seems to have become a bit more accepted among the AU ships, I still feel a bit naughty/subversive every time I post it in one of the general communities.

Final Fantasy: X
Title: A Season Too Short
Characters: Auron, Lulu
Rating: K+
Word Count: 500

Warning: Spoilers to Auron's secret.

(Fake Cut...)


LHAD Back on Track

Xposted from own LJ!

After another hiatus to solve logistic problems and deal with RL, the next episode in the Love Her and Despair serial is underway.

So, to refresh your memory (and because I never posted it here):

Chapter 36: Thaw Before the Storm
Spira's would-be defenders prepare for a final showdown with Sin. Old friends reconnect, and Auron and Isaaru finally come clean about (some) secrets.

And here is the new chapter:

Chapter 37: The Summoning

This is it! Spira's forces are gathered for an epic showdown. Lulu has received her invitation as the Guest of Honor. Auron is waiting for her. Old lovers will soon be reunited -- as adversaries on the field of battle!

Summary of Fansite Changes/Updates Triggered by Geocities Shutdown

Okay. Sorry to keep spamming you all, but just for the record, here's a synoposis of the changes/updates I've done due to Geocities shutting down in October.
  1. NEW URL: The Auron/Lulu Shrine is now at http:/, moved from Geocities. The Geocities site will die Oct 26. If anyone finds a broken link caused by the move, please let me know.
  2. ABOUT TO EXPIRE: The old AuLu--Fanart archive (change URL to "fanfic" for fanfic page) will die with Geocities. I've downloaded it, contacted the artists hoping for permiss to re-host the art, [ETA: and gotten in contact with the site owner, who's tickled someone likes the site and will probably give me permiss to mirror her part of it.] But just in case, this may be your last chance to view those fanworks.
  3. NEW URL: The Complete FFX Script has moved to http:/ (the old URL has an auto-redirect)
  4. NEW DOMAIN: http:/ is my new fandom hubsite, a directory of all my Final Fantasy fandom projects including the Shrine and FFX Script.
  5. FANLORE ARTICLES WRITTEN FOR: Auron/Lulu Pairing, The Auron/Lulu Shrine, AuLu (Geocities Fansite), including a summary and screencaps of the site.
If you know of any fansites, fanzines, or personal fan pages on Geocities, see Fanlore on Dreamwidth for more info about the Geocities Rescue Project. OTW is offering hosting to authors who are about to lose their fic posted on Geocities.

owlmoose and renay have been puttering away on the Final Fantasy categories of Fanlore, a Wiki devoted to documenting fandoms: communities, trends, major fanworks and sites, a history of each fandom, pairings, projects, fan resources, BRIEF summaries of relevant canon, etc. Take a's kind of intimidating, but if we all add a little something, it could grow!

Auron/Lulu Page on Fanlore's Wiki

While poking about on the Geocities issue, I've gotten around to creating the following page on Fanlore:

Final Fantasy X/Auron/Lulu

I've never created a Wiki page from scratch before, only done minor edits to existing ones. I hope it's not too loooong, and I hope I haven't bruised anyone's feelings by omission: I debated a while about whether to include names of prominent fanartists (Kitt!!!) and some of the early movers and shakers in the fandom.

If anyone wants to tweak/improve the page, it's a Wiki, so obviously... poke away!

Fandom Alert! Geocities is shutting down soon.

And that means that the Auron/Lulu Shrine must move.

This also means that the wonderful, early Auron/Lulu fanart posted on an OLDER shrine by a fan who left fandom years ago may be lost. If you haven't seen those pieces -- especially Auron/Lulu with "Spira Card: Everywhere You Want to Be", go look at them now.

1. I'm still trying to decide where to re-build the Auron/Lulu shrine. Options are my RL webhosting account, or OTW. (I'm out of date again: if anyone has Auron/Lulu work that's not in my index, please tell me!)

ETA: I have moved The Auron/Lulu Shrine to:

2. I'm soliciting advice for a thorny ethical question. I hate having some of the best Auron/Lulu fanart vanish from the web. Normally, I would never dream of reposting the stuff. But what if:
a) I copied all the artist info and files precisely from that original archive (which is not mine)
b) I had a separate page which is declared as a MIRROR of that page, explaining that I'm hosting it since Geocities destroyed it.
c) I include a link to contact me if any of the artists wishes their stuff to be taken down.

I'm terribly torn, as I do NOT want to host someone's fanwork without explicit permission. Bad. Bad. Bad. But I can't reach all the artists, and I hate to see their stuff vanish from fandom (two of Laine's, in particular, are just wicked funny). So I don't know what to do.